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Monday, March 11, 2013

Egypt’s Minister of Interior holds meetings with security officials

Egyptian CSF 
Amid the ongoing policemen strike all over Egypt Egyptian Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim held on Monday, 11 March, two meetings with the security officials in order to find the solution to the current crisis and to resolve the tense situation.

The Minister discussed the issues of the internal security with the top security officials and also with their aides.

During the first meeting held on Monday Mohamed Ibrahim met with the Central Security Forces (CSF) top officials and also with some police recruits. The meeting started with the minute of mourning the “police martyrs”.

Then Minister and the CSF officials and recruits discussed the situation with the security in the country and the current protests of policemen. Minister stated that the developing of the institution of the SCF and providing the new resources and mechanisms for achieving this goal is among the key tasks of the Ministry of Interior.

The second meeting has been held on the same day too, as Mohamed Ibrahim met his own top aides and also the directors of security.

Egypt's Minsiter of Interior,
Mohamed Ibrahim
During this meeting Minister of Interior announced that he understands the demands of the policemen and those striking officers and CSF personnel and he respects their point of view. He also stressed that the police forces will not be involved in the political actions and pushed against the protesters. Regarding the demands to arm the policemen Minister declared that this issues will be also taken into consideration.

It’s worth mentioning that during the press conference held on Saturday, 9 March, Mohamed Ibrahim has called on all the political parties in Egypt to keep police forces out of the current crisis and conflicts between the ruling powers and opposition and do not try to make the CSF involved in this process as the armed and police forces both are aimed to protect the citizens and the property regardless of the political situation and confrontations within the country.

Meanwhile the nationwide strike of police officers, personnel and recruits continues in Egypt with tens of police stations in several governorates including Cairo, Port Said, Alexandria, Luxor, Sinai, Qena, Suez Canal cities, Gharbiya being closed due to the protests.

Striking policemen protest against the current situation within the police institution and against the so called “Brotherhoodisation” and demand the dismissal of the current Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim and also the improving of the working conditions for the policemen. They also demand to arm the policemen to make them able to protect themselves against the armed thugs and to perform their duty to protect the citizens and the public and private property.

Striking policemen in Egypt
In addition to that CSF officers and personnel protests against the attempts of the government and the Ministry of Interior to make the police forces involved in the current conflict pushing them to confront the demonstrators in the street. Thus police forces completely withdrew from the restive city of Port Said in protests after the deadly clashes erupted in the city and left dozens dead and hundreds injured. Egypt’s Armed Forces are currently deployed in Port Said protecting the city.