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Friday, March 8, 2013

Egyptian Interior Ministry faces growing protests of the policemen

Egypt's Security Forces personnel

Numerous police officers and security personnel across the country started their protests against the current politics of Egypt’s Interior Ministry demanding the dismissal of the recently appointed Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim and protesting against the deteriorating conditions of the work for the policemen.

It’s worth mentioning that the protests of the police officers and low ranking policemen have started several days ago in the several cities with the demands to improve the working conditions, to allow the weapon for the policemen to be able to protect themselves during their duties and protesting against the policies of the Ministry of Interior.

The policemen in North Sinai have expressed those demands several times stressing that the conditions of their work are deteriorating, and the policemen without weapon cannot protect either themselves or the citizens or the personal or public property as they should confront the armed thugs. Their demands seem to be unheard by the state’s authorities till now.

Meanwhile Egyptian State Security announced in the special statement made on Wednesday, 7 March, and declared that they refuse to protect the residence of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy located in his home city of Zagazig. They demanded that the policemen and officers should be armed properly to have the chance to perform their duties and also stressed that the policemen’s strike will be organized in the city.

Police officers protesting across the country
Several police stations in Luxor and North Sinai also announced that they will stop working in attempt to protest the current situation. They also demand the dismissal of the Minister of Interior.

A few days ago, on Tuesday, the protesting policemen refused to deploy the units to the restive city of Port Said declaring that they refuse to be part of the conflict with the people. They accused Ministry of Interior of trying to push the policemen into conflict with the protesters and to intensify the confrontations in the city.

More than 8000 officers, policemen and recruits in Sinai Peninsula declared also their refusal to work under the degrading and inhumane conditions and demanded the Minister of Interior to step down.

In Egypt’s capital Cairo police officers and security personnel have also started the protests and nearly 15 of them organized the sit-in.

Meanwhile the Central Security Forces’ protests continue and growing deeper as nearly 30 police stations across the country declared that they will participate in the strike and will suspend their work. There are seven stations located in Cairo among those taking part in the protests.

Egypt's police forces
The personnel and the officers have declared “state of rebellion” against the Ministry of Interior and its policies and demand the dismissal of the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim. The policemen are also protesting against the so called “Brotherhoodisation” which is obvious in all the state’s institutions including police and security forces.

The policemen also accuse the current Minister of forcing the CSF into the unnecessary and violent confrontations with the people protesting in Egypt’s cities.

It’s worth mentioning also that the protests with the violent clashes continue in Egypt nationwide including Cairo and Port Said where the situation remains extremely tense. The protests of police against the Muslim Brotherhood and the policies of the current government added the tensions and they probably could be one of the decisive moments in the current crisis in the country.