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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Breaking news: Egypt’s Court suspended parliamentary elections

Egypt's Parliament

Egypt’s Administrative Court has suspended today the decision of President Mohamed Morsy to hold the parliamentary elections on 22 April 2013.

Egypt’s Court announced the decision on Wednesday, 6 March, after the new electoral law was referred to the High Constitutional Court of Egypt due to questioning of its constitutionality.

We would remind that Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy ordered the new parliamentary elections for the People’s Assembly to be held on 22 April in a few stages. According to the newly approved Constitution the date of the parliamentary elections should be set within two months after the approving of the state’s highest, so the elections have been scheduled for 22 April.

Meanwhile oppositional and revolutionary forces including National Salvation Front announced their attempt to boycott the elections as they consider them being unconstitutional. Egypt’s Islamist forces in their turn expected the good results during the elections.

More details regarding the Court’s decision are expected to appear later during the day.