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Friday, March 8, 2013

Breaking news: Egypt’s Commander of CSF sacked

Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt's
Minister of Interior

Amid the continuing clashes and protests in Egypt nationwide and the growing protests of the police officers and personnel Egypt’s official state’s news agency reported that Egyptian Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim has sacked General Maged Nouh, Commander of the Central Security Forces (CSF). More details are expected to be soon.

Meanwhile the policemen’s protests continue and growing in the country with more police stations refusing to work until their demands will be met. Thus, several police stations in Cairo’s districts of Helwan and Maadi have been reportedly closed for work. Several police stations in the coastal city of Alexandria have joined the protests too.

We would remind here that Egypt is facing the protests of the police forces officers, personnel and recruits during the several days. The protests sparked all over the country with the policemen protesting against the deteriorating und inhumane conditions of work, domination of Muslim Brotherhood in the country’s politics including the policies of the Interior Ministry and demanding the dismissal of the current Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim, who was recently appointed by the President Mohamed Morsy. Policemen also accuse the Minister of trying to create the confrontation between the protesting citizens and the police personnel pushing the policemen into the conflict.

The situation in Egypt remains tense with the continuing protests’ actions of the CSF personnel and officers, the demonstrations and clashes in Port Said, Cairo and other governorates as well and the deepening political crisis, especially after the Administrative Court has cancelled the controversial parliamentary elections scheduled to begin on 22 April this year.