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Friday, February 22, 2013

Egypt’s parliamentary elections to be held at the end of April

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy has announced on Thursday, 21 February 2013, that the parliamentary elections for the House of Representatives (Lower House) will be held since 27-28 April 2013. These elections will be the first elections after the new state’s Constitution has been approved.

The elections will be held in four stages nationwide.

It is also worth mentioning that Egypt’s oppositional and revolutionary forces have been strongly criticized the approval of the Constitution as they consider it being unrepresentative and undemocratic. The new elections’ law faced hard critics too.

Egypt’s Upper House of Parliament (Shura Council) has also declared earlier on Thursday that several amendments will be applied to the controversial parliamentary elections’ law.

The announcement of the official date of the parliamentary elections in Egypt happened amid the continuing clashes and protests in the country, especially in the Canal Cities, such as Port Said, for example, where the state of emergency was declared and the cities face the mass demonstrations and civil disobedience during several days.