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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two residential buildings collapsed in Egypt

Collapsed building in Alexandria

Less than a day after terrible deadly train disaster in Badrashin, near Giza, which took lives of at least 19 young conscripts and injured more than 120 of them, another tragedy happened in Egypt.

Two residential buildings have collapsed on Wednesday, 16 January, in two Egypt’s governorates: one in the coastal city of Alexandria and another one in the governorate of Daqahilya.

The residential building located in Alexandria’s district of Al-Maamoura collapsed in early morning on Wednesday. At least 24 people have been found dead and nearly 11 people injured, according to the reports of Egypt’s Ministry of Health. Rescue team continued to search for other people who could remain under the destroyed house.

The residential house included 24 apartments; each of them was occupied by the families. There were also some reports that the residents of the building have been complaining over the dangerous conditions of the house, especially after the heavy rains in Alexandria last week.

According to the reporters Alexandria’s police has already arrested two owners of the building, and investigations are ongoing.

Tarek Wafiq, Egypt’s Minister of Housing said commenting the tragedy that the government of course should be responsible for this situation. But at the same time it’s worth mentioning that the building was constructed without the license, added the Minister.

The terrible incident in Alexandria highlighted one of the most important problems in Egypt: corruption and authorities’ negligence. The situation with the regulating in the housing sector should be also reviewed and changed, stressed the Minister.

Another residential building, located in Belqas, in the village of El-Darafil, the governorate of Daqahilya, has also collapsed today, causing the deaths of at least two people and injuring eight. The officials have confirmed the incident just hours after the building’s collapse in Alexandria.