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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Head of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with EU Ambassador

Leonid Kozhara, Ukrainian newly appointed
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara and EU Ambassador in Ukraine Jan Tombinski have met recently and discussed some key-issues of the EU-Ukrainian relations. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the meeting has been held in the building of the Ministry.

EU Ambassador has congratulated Mr. Kozhara with his new post and wished him successful work in attempt to achieve all the goals of Ukrainian international policy.

During the meeting Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed the orientation on the European integration and the following work in this sphere. He has also announced the reforms needed for the cooperation with the EU countries will be held in Ukraine.

The details of possible signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU and the non-visa regime for Ukrainian citizens have been among the key-issues discussed during the meeting.

The both sides agreed that the bilateral cooperation between EU and Ukraine should be developed and the political dialog on all the levels between the sides is needed. The schedule of the contacts for the nearest future including the preparation of the 16th Summit Ukraine-European Union planned for 25 February 2013 to be held in Brussels has been also discussed during the meeting between Ukrainian Minister and EU Ambassador.