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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Egypt’s parliamentary elections to be held in April 2013

Yasser Ali, Egypt's Presidential spokesperson 

Yasser Ali, official spokesperson of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy, has announced during the press conference on Wednesday, 9 January, that the parliamentary elections in Egypt will be held in April this year.

According to the newly approved Constitution which was supported by nearly 64% of Egyptians the electoral procedures should start within 60 days after the ratification of the national charter. Thus it was declared that the electoral procedures are expected to start on 25 February 2013.

The final date for the parliamentary elections and the procedural details isn’t known yet, but the President will announce it not later than 25 February, according to the presidential spokesperson.

It’s worth mentioning that Egypt’s parliament consists of two chambers. The Lower House of the Parliament which was strongly dominated by the representatives of the Islamist forces has been dissolved in June after the decision of High Constitutional Court. The legislative power in the country now is represented by the Upper House of Parliament (Shura Council).

The parliamentary elections, second after the January 25 Revolution, are expected to be the final step in the long transitional period in Egypt. The country’s political powers and parties are discussing currently their plans and expectations regarding the upcoming elections and working out in attempt to consolidate their powers.

On the background of the deteriorating economical situation and political instability in the country the parliamentary elections are seen as a very important step in order to restore stability in the country and to develop Egypt.