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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Egypt’s opposition and Salafist Nour Party call for the new unity government

Egyptians protesting in Tahrir, Cairo

After several days of continued political turmoil in the country with the violent clashes which have already left more than 50 people dead and hundreds of injured Egypt’s political powers are seeking to find the solution in the current situation.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy has called for the national dialogue inviting all the political powers of the country including the opposition to participate in attempt to find the common solution of the crisis in the country, stop the violence and bring the country to the stability and development. The national dialogue has been held on Monday, 28 January, but it was rejected by the key oppositional, revolutionary and leftist forces including National Salvation Front.

Although on Wednesday, 30 January, Egypt’s umbrella oppositional group National Salvation Front headed by Mohamed El Baradei, Amr Moussa and Hamdeen Sabbahy, has issued a common statement with the Salafist Nour Party calling for establishing of the new unity government.

The agreement between two political powers which are actually completely different of their ideologies and programs was made and the parties issued a common statement with the initiative of the steps to resolve the crisis as the situation in Egypt escalates with every day.

The initiative includes eight points:

  1. The new unity government should be formed in the country.
  2. The Constitution needs to be amended in some of its article. There should be also formed the special committee to study the issue and to amend the controversial articles of the national charter.
  3. The principle of non-partisanship in all the state’s institutions is needed.
  4. The new Prosecutor General should be appointed.
  5. Special judicial committee should be established in attempt to investigate the current violent clashes and bring the people responsible for it to justice.
  6. All the political powers and parties in Egypt should find the consensus and the domination of one political force shouldn’t be allowed.
  7. Special code of behavior of the politicians should be imposed.
  8. Rejecting of all the forms of vandalism, abusing and violence and giving the people the right to peacefully protest and demonstrate.
This initiative is aimed to help to resolve the deep political crisis in Egypt and bring the country back of the path of development and stability, according to the NSF and Nour Party.