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Friday, January 25, 2013

Egypt is preparing to commemorate the second anniversary of January 25 Revolution

Egypt's Revolution 2011

On the eve of January 25, the second anniversary of 2011 Revolution which toppled the previous regime and long standing Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, various political powers and parties in Egypt are planning the marches and demonstrations to commemorate the significant even in the modern Egyptian history.

It’s worth mentioning that two main and opposing each other political groups announced different marches. While Muslim Brotherhood is planning to celebrate the second anniversary of the Revolution marking the achievements already made by the new authorities and discussing the new plans, oppositional forces plan the demonstrations to demand the goals of Revolution and to protests against “Brotherhoodisation” of Egypt as Islamists took control over all the authorities in the country.

Thus the opposition is planning to organize the main marches in Cairo and other marches in Egyptian cities nationwide under the main slogan “Revolution continues until its goals are met” referring to “Bread, Freedom and Social Justice”, the main demands of the Revolution which aren’t still met.

Egypt's protests
Among activists, revolutionary groups and different political forces planning to participate in the marches are National Salvation Front, Constitution Party, Socialist People’s Alliance, Egyptian Democratic Party, April 6th Youth Movement, Maspero Youth Union, Kefaya Movement, Free Egyptians Party, Adl Party, Al-Tagammu Party, Karama Party, Al-Wafd Party, Democratic Labor Party, Egyptian Communist Party, Popular Current, Free Front for Peaceful Change, Revolutionary Forces Alliance and many others.

The marches are expected to start after Friday prayers, but some other demonstrations and commemoration are planned to be started in the Thursday night. Several marches are planned to start in different districts of Cairo and head to the iconic Tahrir Square which was the heart of Egypt’s January 25 Revolution in 2011. A few marches are expected to head also to the Presidential Palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis.

The demonstrations and marches organized by the revolutionary and oppositional forces will commemorate the events of the Revolution and the memory of those killed and injured during the Revolution and the following turbulent transitional period. In addition to  that the protests against Muslim Brotherhood’s domination of power and their policies are also planned.
Major demonstrations are also planned in other Egyptian governorates such as Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Assiut etc.

Egypt's uprising 2011
Muslim Brotherhood for its part is planning to organize the marches to commemorate the Revolution and to start the campaign in attempt to build new Egypt and achieve the goals of the Revolution creating better life and better future for the Egyptians together.

Meanwhile two major actions organized by political rivals are expected to take place in Egypt’s Cairo and in other cities nationwide on January 25 2013. The state’s authorities and also the representatives of Security Forces and Army are calling for the people to stay peaceful and do not provoke any violence during the commemoration.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry has also issued a statement announcing that the additional forces will be deployed to the areas of the planned events and the CSF will provide security during the day. Egypt’s Armed Forces have also declared they will protect Egyptian citizens, but they also stressed in case of some provocations or unrest they won’t take any political side remaining the power protecting the country, its people and the borders of the state.

Egypt's Revolution 2011
Thus the commemoration’s events and marches are expected to start late in the Thursday’s night with the main marches to be held on Friday, 25 January.