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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ukrainian President has appointed new Cabinet of Ministers’ members

Victor Yanukovich, Ukrainian President

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich has appointed on Monday, 24 December 2012, the new members of the state’s government, Cabinet of Ministers. According to the presidential decree some of the ministers remain on their positions, some of them will be changed. In addition to that there are also some changes in the structure of the state’s government with some ministries reestablished and some of them cancelled and restructured.

Here is the new Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers:

Mykola Azarov – Ukrainian Prime Minister, Head of the government. Mr. Azarov was the Head of the previous government and has recently resigned and was appointed as the Prime Minister in the new government.

Sergiy Arbuzov – the first Vice-Prime Minister. Mr. Arbuzov is famous as a prominent banker and the Head of Ukrainian National Bank. In the new government he will be responsible for the field of agricultural policies and food production, economical development, trade, social policies, finances, incomes and taxes.

Yury Boyko – Vice-Prime Minister. Mr. Boyko has held a position of the Minister of Energy and Coil Industry in the previous Cabinet. His new responsibilities will include ecology, nature resources, coil industry and industry policy.

Kostyantyn Gryshenko – Vice-Prime Minister. Mr. Gryshenko was Minister of Foreign Affairs in the previous government and also Ambassador of Ukraine in Russia.

Oleksandr Vilkul – Vice-Prime Minister. Mr. Vilkul will be responsible for the fields of building, infrastructure and regional development.

Leonid Kozhara – Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Pavlo Lebedev – Defense Minister.

Vitaly Zakharchenko – Minister of Interior.

Yury Kolobov – Minister of Finance.

Oleksandr Klymenko – Minister of Incomes and Taxes.

Eduard Stavitsyky – Minister of Energy and Coil Industry.

Ihor Prasolov – Minister of Economical Development and Trade.

Mykola Prysyazhnyuk – Minister of Agriculture.

Natalia Korolevska – Minister of Social Policy.

Volodymyr Kozak – Minister of Infrastructure.

Oleksandr Lavrynovich – Minister of Justice.

Dmytro Tabachnyk – Minister of Education, Science, Youth and Sports.

Raisa Bogatyreva – Minister of Health.

Gennady Temnyk – Minister of Building and Regional Development.

Oleg Proskuryakov – Minister of Ecology.

Olena Lukash – Minister of Cabinet of Ministers.

Minister of Culture - not revealed.

Minister of Industry Policy - not revealed.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich with Mykola Azarov,
Prime Minister
In addition to that 24 December Presidential decree has annulled the Ministry of Emergency and created instead of it the special Service for Emergency Situations which will be headed by Mikhaylo Bolotsnyh.

State’s Taxes Authority and State’s Customs’ Authority have been united into the new Minsitry of Incomes and Taxes.

Ukrainian President has also dismissed Minister of Culture Mykhaylo Kulinyak but still didn’t name the new Minister. The name of the Minister of reestablished Ministry of Industrial Policy hasn’t been revealed too yet.

It’s also worth mentioning that some ministers from the previous government, such as Sergyj Tygypko, Valery Khoroshkovsky, Borys Kolesnikov, Oleksandr Blyznyuk, Petro Poroshenko and Victor Baloga, will not continue their work in the government as they became the MPs in the new Parliament.

On Monday, 24 December 2012, the first meeting of the newly appointed Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been held.