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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy holds talks with Prime Minister over the government reshuffle

Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's President

After the new Egyptian Constitution which was supported by nearly 64% of voters during the referendum was officially approved by Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy, the talks over the possible reshuffle of the country’s government have been revealed.

It’s worth mentioning that the rumors regarding the possibility of dismissal of Egypt’s current Prime Minister Hisham Qandeel or some changes in the Cabinet have been circulating in Egypt since the last months as the current problems of the state aren’t still resolved. Mr. Qandeel, in his turn, has faced the string criticism too, due to the deteriorating economical and social situation and political turmoil in the country.

There were also some rumors that Muslim Brotherhood’s prominent figure and ex-Presidential candidate Khairat El-Shater would probably succeed Hisham Qandeel on the post of Prime Minister. But Mohamed Morsy has denied this information in his statement and announced he had some talks with Mr. Qandeel regarding the need of some changes in the Cabinet. So the possible Cabinet reshuffle will possibly effect only some ministerial positions.

This statement was made by Egypt’s President during his TV interview in which he has congratulated Egyptians with the new Constitution and the next steps on the path to restoring stability and working for development of Egypt after two years of transitional period.

Hisham Qandeel, Egypt's Prime Minister
Meanwhile the oppositional forces headed by the recently established National Salvation Front declared that they will not accept the current situation and will continue the fight against Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to seize the power in Egypt. The opposition claims the Constitution is unrepresentative and was created by the Islamist-led Constituent Assembly which has faced numerous withdrawals of liberals, leftists, seculars, Christians, women and intellectuals, thus this Constitution doesn’t represent all Egyptians and fails to protect their rights and freedoms. In addition to that opposition states the results of the referendum should be revised as the electoral process and votes’ counting have been held with the numerous and serious violations.

It’s also worth mentioning that Constituent Assembly and Egypt’s President have invited all the political powers in Egypt including the opposition to participate in the national dialog to discuss the controversial issues and to find the common solution in order to resolve the tense political crisis. But the opposition refused to take part in those talks claiming they are pointless.

During his official speech congratulating Egyptians with the approving of the new Constitution Mohamed Morsy has called again for the unity of all the powers of Egypt and for the national dialog which will help to rebuild Egypt and restore the stability in the country.