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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy calls for unity

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsy

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy has delivered on 29 December 2012 his speech at Shura Council which was addressed to the Egyptian people.

President has called the people of Egypt and all the political powers of the country for unity and cooperation in attempt to work for building and development of Egypt and its better future.

Mohamed Morsy stated that after almost two years of turmoil, crisis and instability during the long transitional period there is the time to unite and start to work for turning Egypt to “production, work and seriousness”.

In addition to that Egypt’s President has also called for the end of violence in the country.

The country’s leader has declared that despite the difficult financial situation and the long period of instability in the country Egypt isn’t at the stage of bankruptcy and the economical situation is improving. The state’s economy has grown in the latest quarter of year, said the President. There are also the plans of the government to develop the economy and to create the new jobs and investment in Sinai and Suez.

Regarding the issue of the newly appointed Constitution Mohamed Morsy has defended the new national charter stating that the Constitution guarantees the rights and freedoms to all the citizens of Egypt and protects them. This Constitution is a big step towards the rebuilding of the country, and unity between all of the country’s powers is needed now, declared the President.

It’s worth mentioning that Egypt’s recently appointed Constitution which has got the support of nearly 64% of voters is strongly criticized by the country’s opposition and by a lot of politicians and political scientists. The wave of protests against the draft of the Constitution sparked in Egypt on the eve of the referendum, and the opposition still claims they will not stop their fight against the current Constitution and the power of Muslim Brotherhood.