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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Egypt’s new Constitution approved after referendum

Egypt's Constitution

On Tuesday, 25 December 2012, Egypt’s High Elections Commission has announced the final and official results of the country’s historical Constitutional referendum held on 15 and 22 December.

HEC claims the voters’ turnout was 32,9% and the new Constitution was adopted with 63,8% “Yes” votes. Those results appeared to be very close to those recently announced by Muslim Brotherhood.

Despite the lawsuits filed by opposition and Human Rights groups and documented numerous serious violations of the campaign and electoral process the results of the referendum haven’t been reviewed as the oppositional forces have demanded.

Muslim Brotherhood which is currently the leading political power in Egypt claim the approving of the newly created Constitution is an important and very big step on the further path of Egypt’s development and restoring stability after almost two years of turmoil and struggle during the transitional period.

Egypt's HEC announcing the official results of the referendum
Oppositional forces though do not accept this Constitution as it was written by the unrepresentative Islamist-led Constituent Assembly which cannot be considered being democratic. The current Constitution also doesn’t represent all the factions of Egyptian diverse society and fails to protect the freedoms and guarantee the rights for women, minorities etc. But the oppositional forces which include mainly Christians, liberals, secularists and leftists, announced there were no demonstrations or marches planned regarding the official results of the referendum and the adopting of the Constitution. But the opposition will continue their fight for the better future of Egypt and achieving the gains of the Revolution. Oppositional parties are planning to unite and work for the upcoming parliamentary elections which should be held within two months after approving the new Constitution.

Egypt’s society still remains divided over the Constitution and the recent events, with the economical and social situation deteriorating.

Egypt’s Constitutional referendum have been held in the country in two stages due to the hard situation with the judicial observing of the electoral process as the majority of judges refused to oversee the referendum. The voting has been held on 15 and 22 December amid continuing demonstrations and protests all over Egypt.