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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israeli official delegation arrived in Cairo for truce negotiations as IDF continues military offensive in Gaza

Residential neighborhoods in Gaza attacked by IDF
According to the statements of Egyptian security officials, Israeli official delegation has arrived in Cairo for the truce negotiations with Hamas. The negotiations are mediated by Egypt and are expected to bring some efforts on the way to halt the violence in Gaza.

The visit is held in the highest secrecy. Israel official delegation arrived in Cairo on the small private airplane and was escorted away from the airport y Egypt’s intelligence personnel.
There were some reports before that the progress in the negotiations mediated by Egypt seems to be achieved, and there were signs the truce agreement could come in a couple of days.

One of the main and very controversial issues of these negotiations is the question of the guarantees of the future ceasefire, announced one of the Hamas’ representatives.

The source also stated, on conditions of anonymity, that Hamas would like to see USA as a guarantor of the ceasefire. Hamas is ready to stop firing rockets into Israeli territory, but they need the guarantees that Israeli Defense Forces will stop their offensive against Gaza too.

Israel attacked Hamas headquarters in Gaza
The violent military conflict continues in Gaza during 5 days, since Wednesday, when Hamas fired the rockets into Israel as a response on the Israeli assassination of the leader of Hamas militant wing. Israel immediately responded with the massive bombings.

According to the IDF statements, Israel is targeting only the military bases and the objects which belong to Hamas. But in fact thousands of the buildings have been already destroyed, as the rockets are fired into the civilian neighborhoods.

The building where the international media were located have been also targeted tonight, there were casualties among the journalists.

In addition to that Israel is attacking Gaza from the air and also from the sea. The death toll in Gaza increased to more than 60 people, and these numbers are increasing. There is also hundreds of injured, more than half of them are civilians. There are a lot of children among the victims of Israeli offensive.

The bombings continue in the night as well
Israel reported the death toll from its side remains the same as it was at the beginning of the operation: 3 people. Hamas continues firing the rockets into the Israeli territory as a response to IDF bombings, and most of those rockets were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome systems. The alarm sirens could be heard in the cities.

The additional military troops and weapons were deployed to the borders with Gaza. IDF has also requested the approval of the ministers to call for 75,000 reservist soldiers. According to the IDF statements Israel is ready for the massive ground operation in Gaza if needed.

As for the international reaction to the ongoing military operation, it is worth mentioning that USA, which is the biggest ally of Israel, supports the military operation considering it being the defense operation. The President’s Administration and Barack Obama himself stated Israel has the right to defend its own people, but called for halting the violence in the region. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also supported Israel in its attempts to defend its people while having the special meeting on the issues of Gaza violence.  

Russia has condemned the actions of Israel.

Numerous protests against Israeli offensive in Gaza took place in Europe and worldwide.

Arabic countries, members of the Arab League, had an emergency meeting regarding Israeli war against Gaza and issued a joint statement calling for immediate stop of the violence and called on the international community to increase the pressure on Israel which is providing the policies of occupation and apartheid against Palestinians.

Huge anti-war demonstrations took place in Egypt which is mediating the ceasefire negotiations between Hamas and Israeli authorities.

Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's President. Egypt
is a mediator in Hamas-Israeli
truce negotiations
It’s also worth mentioning that right at the moment the group of young Egyptian activists arrived in Gaza to show their support of Gazans and protest against the Israeli aggression.

The official delegations of some Arabic countries are expected to visit Gaza to show their support of Gaza. Egyptian delegation consisting of Prime Minister and highest official also visited Gaza. In addition to that Egyptian President had a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the issue of Israeli aggression in Gaza. The both countries agree to take all the possible measure in order to help Palestinians and stop the violence in Gaza.

The Egypt-mediated peace negotiations between Hamas and Israel are expected to bring some positive efforts. Unfortunately, according to the latest reports, the first round of the talks failed, reported one of the Hamas’ representatives. But there are still expectations that the truce negotiations will have the positive results.