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Friday, November 2, 2012

Elections in Ukraine were worse than the previous ones, but they won’t probably stop Ukrainian path towards EU

The current parliamentary elections in Ukraine were worse than the previous ones, but they probably won’t prevent Ukraine and EU to continue the negotiations and won’t stop Ukrainian path towards EU, thinks Valery Chaly, expert and Deputy Head of Razumkov Center (one of the prominent Ukrainian sociological centers).

The expert thinks that Ukraine is in very bad conditions now and the situation in the country became more complicated after the elections. The relations between Ukraine and international community could probably worsen due to the unfair and not transparent electoral process as it was a step backwards for democracy in the country, according to the statements of several European politicians and international observers as well. But it is very important not to concentrate so much on this situation now and to try to avoid the further worsening of the image of Ukraine which is already negative, enough, said the expert. The 2012 parliamentary elections were of course worse than the elections conducted in 2006 or 2007, but they were held not that bad to prevent the further steps of Ukraine on its way to the Association with EU, stated Mr.Chaly.

Expert added that those elections established for us status quo. The expectations were even worse, but it was made unfortunately more steps to prevent or at least to complicate the possible European integration, said Mr.Chaly. “We are in a very complicated situation now regarding the relations with the EU countries and Ukrainian future in this direction”, stressed him.

Mr. Chaly also stated that the international organizations are still to make decisions regarding the Ukrainian situation and the parliamentary election.

The elections are still ongoing, the counting of the votes in the districts still hasn’t been finalized, added the expert. It’s very important now for Ukrainian authorities to understand that any possible violations of the electoral process and counting are unacceptable for the international community. It’s very important for Kyiv too, as it is the capital of the state and it shouldn’t show any violations or irregularities in the process. But we have already those problems, and the authorities should think how to correct them, said Mr. Chaly.

The expert added: “It’s possible to make everything together controlling the situation. We could resolve this situation unless with the positive but with some opportunities. Because if those opportunities will be closed there will be no need any more to go on in this direction”.

But this scenario is not the worst one which could be expected for Ukraine after the elections, stated Mr. Chaly expressing the hope that Ukraine still has the possibility to continue its path towards European integration, and that the electoral process will not prevent the talks between Ukraine and European countries.