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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel to be announced within an hour

Gaza bombings

After week of intense military operation conducted by Israel in Gaza against Hamas and the firing of the Hamas rockets into Israel as a respond the sides are close to the ceasefire agreement.

The truce talks mediated by Egypt have been held in Cairo during last several days, and the conflicting reports about the possible agreement between the sides have been circulating in media. Hamas officials announced they agree with the ceasefire but the guarantees are needed. Hamas demanded to halt the violence in Gaza immediately and to lift the blockade of Gaza. Egypt and USA should be the guarantors of the agreement. Meanwhile Israeli side demanded the end of firing of the Hamas rockets into its territory as there is a threat to the lives of the Israeli residents. The Jewish state declared its readiness to the massive ground operation on the Gaza territory if the agreement won’t be reached, but Israeli representatives said their country is interested in the long-term truce deal.

The reports about the close ceasefire agreement came yesterday from Egyptian and Hamas officials, and the ceasefire was expected to be reached yesterday in the night. But the agreement couldn’t be reached as Israel didn’t respond to the proposals sent by Egypt.

US State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton with Palestinian
President Mahmoud Abbas
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was calling to the both sides to stop the violence and to start the peace negotiations. US State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived yesterday in Jerusalem for the talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli officials to discuss the necessity of the truce deal. She met later with Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian Authority, calling for the peace talks.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu
Today, on Wednesday 12 November 2012, Hillary Clinton arrived in Cairo for the ongoing talks about the ceasefire. After the talks Egyptian officials and the representatives of Hamas announced the ceasefire agreement was finally reached and is expected to be announced within an hour. Israeli officials have also approved the reports about the ceasefire. The both sides agreed to halt the military actions, but Israel didn’t agree to lift the blockade of Gaza. But possibly this ceasefire could become the next step for the future negotiations.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy. Egypt is mediating the
ceasefire talks
The ceasefire agreement should be announced by Hillary Clinton and by Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy at 9 p.m. Cairo time. Egypt is a guarantor of the agreement.

The death toll in Haza is more than 150 people and there are thousands of injured. More than half of them are civilians. The damages in Gaza are terrible. Several official building, Islamic Bank and media building have been also targeted by Israeli forces. Israeli death toll reached 5 since the beginning of the operation. In addition to that more than 20 people are reported to be dead and tens of people injured after a terror attack in the bus in Tel-Aviv. Hamas didn't take responsibility for this attack.

Hopefully the ceasefire will bring some peace in the region and stop the useless violence causing the deaths on the both sides.