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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barack Obama wins the US presidential elections

Barack Obama, US President
The current US President Barack Obama won the presidential elections and was re-elected for the second term in office.

Democrat Barack Obama received the broad support moderates, women and different minorities in USA and defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Mr. Obama surpassed the decisive threshold of 270 votes in the Electoral College in Ohio, which together with the earlier victory in another state, Virginia, ensured Obama 303 electoral votes to 206 votes for Mr. Romney.

The joyful supporters of Mr. Obama celebrated his victory and congratulated the re-elected President. The world leaders of different countries have already sent their official congratulations to the winner of the US presidential race.
Mitt Romney has recognized his defeat and congratulated Barack Obama in the phone conversation.

During the speech after announcing his victory Barack Obama thanked his supporters for giving him their voices and ensuring USA will continue to move forward despite it will be difficult times.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle
I personally would like to congratulate newly elected (or better to say – re-elected) US President Barack Obama, his family and all his supporters with his victory and to wish Americans further development and only positive changes. And I really hope Mr. Obama’s policies will be effective and will have the positive impact on the situation in USA and in the world. And as a person interested in Middle East and its situation I’d like to express my hopes that US policies towards this region will be effective and supportive for the Middle Eastern countries.
Congratulations to Barack Obama, new US President!