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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ambassador of Ukraine in EU said there will be possibly no summit

Yearly summit Ukraine – European Union won’t take place this year, for the first time after 15 years. EU has no motivation for setting the date for this Summit, announced Konstantin Eliseev, Ambassador of Ukraine in EU.

Mr. Eliseev added that this is a bad sign, especially considering the fact that EU will hold two summits with Russia this year, but there will be no summit with Ukraine.

European Union should organize the summit this year and state the date.

Ukrainian Ambassador stated that he had the numerous conversations with the EU representatives stressing that it is needed to set a special date for the date. But it is too late now, unfortunately, said Mr. Eliseev, as the working calendars of the both heads of EU (European Commission’s head’s Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council’s head’s Herman van Rompuy) are already fully set. The representatives of EU tell Ukraine needs to wait a little bit, said Mr. Eliseev, especially as Ukraine just held the parliamentary elections, so some political changes in the country are possible.

But at the same time EU seems to have no motivation for setting a date of the future summit with Ukraine in January or February, added the Ambassador.
We would remind here that the summits EU – Ukraine are being held traditionally every year, one year in Europe, another year – in Ukraine. The last summit took place in December 2011 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

It’s also worth mentioning that the special meeting regarding the issues of the cooperation between EU and Ukraine has been held in Brussels on 15 November 2012. Mr. Eliseev announced that Ukraine and EU have discussed the issue of the future summit and its problems, and the summit is expected to be held soon. But at the same there is completely no information about the timetable, added the Ambassador.