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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ukrainian nationalist Freedom party declared its readiness for the mass protests

Oleg Tyagnybok, leader of the Freedom Party

The head and the leader of the Ukrainian ultra-right nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) Party Oleg Tyagnybok stated in his speech during the press-conference held in Kyiv on Monday, 29 October, that his political party is ready to organize the mass protests in case of the mass violations and falsification of the elections’ results.

“We are living for us the right to call for the mass protests and demonstrations if the elections results will be violated and false”, said Oleg Tyagnybok.

According to the words of the Freedom Party leader the highest level of mobilizing the people for the possible protests is in Kyiv, where the Freedom Party has got the leading positions on several polling stations, as showed the results of the exit-polls.

In addition to that Oleg Tyagnybok stated that the revolutions do not begin because of  someone’s wish, the voters, so the citizens themselves should be ready for such actions.
It’s worth mentioning here, that Ukrainian authorities banned with the special order any mass protests and demonstrations in Kyiv till the middle of November 2012.