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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ukraine: The ruling Party of Regions invites all the political powers to create a coalition

Sergiy Tygypko, Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister
and Minsiter of Social Policy

The currently ruling in Ukraine Party of Regions, which is likely to take the majority of the votes according to the preliminary results of the counting, is ready to hold the negotiations about the creating of the parliamentarian majority with all the political powers, the independent candidates and with other fractions as well, stated Sergiy Tygypko, Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Social Policy.

During his speech on the press-conference he stressed that the most important task for the Party of Regions on the current stage is to create and form the working majority in the Parliament as soon as possible.

Mr. Tygypko stressed that Party of Regions is ready for the negotiations with those candidates who have been running independently, but of course the party is open for the talks with different political powers too.

He said that the party leaders understand very well, that the bigger the future coalition will be the easier it will be to implement the new reforms and programs in order to work for modernizing of the country. The politician added that the party will voice its priorities and will be cooperate with those political forces that will agree with those priorities and will be ready to work together. “I wouldn’t like to make any limits regarding the issue of cooperation in the future Ukrainian Parliament”, Mr. Tygypko said.

In addition to that Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister stated that the party of Regions didn’t discuss before the elections any possible candidacies in attempt to form the future government. He thinks that such issues are better to discuss after the negotiations and more concrete decisions about the coalitions in the Parliament.

We would remind here that in the night of elections the head of the currently ruling Party of Regions Oleksandr Efremov announced that his party is not willing to create the constitutional majority in the Parliament.

On Sunday, 28 October, Ukrainians headed to the polling stations to cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections. The counting of the votes is still ongoing; there are the reports that the final results will be known till the 10.-11. November, due to the complicity of the counting the voices, as Ukrainians have been chosen the new Parliament with the new mixed system (half of the seats will go to the party lists’ candidates, another half will go to the majoritarian candidates).