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Monday, October 29, 2012

The ratings of the Freedom party demonstrate the radicalization of Ukrainian society

The logo of the Svoboda (Freedom) Party

The experts say that the results of the exit-polls and the preliminary results of the Ukrainian elections show the radicalization within the Ukrainian society and the strong need of the oppositional forces.

Kostyantyn Matvienko, the expert of the strategic consulting group, also says that the results of the nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) Party mean that the society’s moods became more radical. It could be the reaction on the so called “Kharkiv agreements”, the propositions to give the Russian language the status of the second state’s language etc. Another factor is that the voters became more strategic. As there is obvious that the United Opposition Homeland and the UDAR party will get the seats in the Parliament, it is necessary to vote for the Freedom Party for increasing of the “Ukrainian element”. That’s why so many voters gave their voices to the Freedom Party, according to Mr. Matvienko’s statements.

As for the UDAR party of Vitaly Klitchko, said the expert, the party didn’t mobilize enough its potential voters. The majority of the UDAR voters are young, and it would be useful to organize the special electoral campaign targeting the youth, but it was not done.

But at the same time Mr. Matvienko considers the UDAR party and Vitaly Klitchko being the winners. Vitaly Klitchko’s party will enter the Parliament for the first time and from the first try, and it took a lot of voices. Thus, his party could become the center of the political landscape, as his party is monolithic. The expert says Mr. Klitchko’s party is that monolithic as it was the party of Yulia Tymoshenko at the times when she was the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In addition to that this political party is very unlikely to divide, especially on the eve of the 2015 Presidential elections in Ukraine, where Vitaly Klitchko could be the real and very serious rival to the current President Victor Yanukovich, even despite the comments of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov who considers Vitaly Klitchko being the unprofessional politician without the real chances. So in order to mobilize for the future presidential elections the forces of Klitchko’s party will probably unite and work together, so the experts.

As for the negative moments regarding the future Parliament, it will be possible somehow ecliptic, as the political powers that will enter the Parliament have no clear vision of the future path of the country, says Mr. Matvienko. Such results could be defeat for the United Opposition, cause formally they will get less voices than the ruling Party of Regions. There is also lack of the new ideas, plans and proposals for the future development of the country, so it could be the reason of the possible divisions within the future Parliament.

But the high results of the UDAR party and especially of the Freedom Party headed by Oleg Tyagnybok signals the deeper changes within the society, thinks the expert. It means Ukrainians have simply got rid of the ruling party and decided to vote for the changes. Even the turnout was higher than it was expected, added the expert.