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Friday, October 26, 2012

Nearly 4 thousand people participated in the demonstrations in Ukrainian capital

Arseny Yatsenyuk, leader of the Homeland Party, during
the meeting in Lyiv today

Two demonstrations took place today in Ukrainian capital Kyiv on the eve of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

One of the demonstrations was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the now ruling Party of Regions and brought its supporters to the Kyiv downtown. Supporters of Party of Regions have gathered on the Mikhailivska Square, in the historical part of Kyiv. According to the police’s reports there is around 3 thousand people gathered to support the ruling party. In addition to that the celebrations of the party’s anniversary were held in Kyiv and also in many other cities nationawide.

Supporters of the oppositional forces and particularly of the United Opposition Batkivshchyna (Homeland) Party headed at the same time to Sofiyivska Square in down-town Kyiv. Police and journalists reported nearly 1 thousand of people participated in the march and more supporters arrived later in the evening.

The head of the united oppositional forces Arseny Yatsenyuk made a speech during the event in front of the numerous supporters. He stressed that the end of the electoral campaign in Ukraine will become the beginning of the process of the building of the new Ukraine and new system of the country.

“Finishing of the electoral campaign is only the beginning of the new country and the new future, it’s the beginning of our victories and our next steps on the path towards creating the democratic European Ukraine”, Mr.Yatsenyuk said.

He also stated that the opposition has held its campaign fair, open and transparent, without any violations, and that the party gave only the real promises which it is ready to deliver. In addition to that he called on people to support Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister and prominent oppositional leader currently imprisoned.

Meanwhile Oleksandr Turchinov, the deputy head of the Homeland party and the head of the United Opposition’s headquarters, announced that the authorities declared the real civil war against the oppositional forces in Ukraine and against Ukrainians as well. Thus he urged people to come on the elections day and to fight the corrupt regime in attempt to prevent turning 
Ukraine into the “dictatorship” and “criminal ghetto”, stated the politician.

Young Ukrainian politician Oleg Tyagnybok, leader of the ultra-right nationalist party Svoboda (Freedom) said he is completely sure that Ukraine will have the positive perspective and chances for its development only in case the oppositional forces will win the majority of seats in the future parliament. He added that on 28 October Ukrainians will choose not just the new members of the Parliament but the future of the country.

The supporters of the ruling Party of Regions start to gather
for the demonstration
The representatives of the oppositional forces also called on Ukrainians to be aware on the day of elections and to report any violation noted by them on the polling stations and outside of them. It’s worth mentioning here that a huge amount of different violations has been already documented by the local and international observers.

According to the latest sociologists’ researches nearly 20% of Ukrainians still didn’t decide whom they are going to vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections. That’s why the representatives of all the political powers running for the seats in parliament, the oppositional forces and the representatives of the ruling parties as well, urged Ukrainians to think carefully and to come on the polling stations to fulfill their citizen’s duty choosing the new Parliament.