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Monday, October 29, 2012

Iran claims it has the pictures of Israeli secret military objects

Iran claims it has the photo shots of the secret Israeli military objects. The pictures have been reportedly received with the help of the drone sent from the Lebanon territory at the beginning of October, reported the Iranian television channel Press-TV with the reference to the statements of Ismail Kossary, the Head of Iranian Committee of National Security and Defense.

The drone has been launched from Lebanon by one of the Hezbollah subdivisions on 6 October. It’s worth mentioning that Hezbollah is sponsored by Iranian authorities. The drone spent nearly 30 minutes in the air above the Israeli territory and later it was hit by the IDF forces.
According to the Ismali Kossary’s statements the drone has been sending the pictures in online mode and sent the information and the photo shots of the secret military objects situated on the territory of Israel.

“If Israel will take any aggressive actions against Iran and will try to attack our objects, we will respond on Israeli territory”, warned Ismail Kossary.

We would remind that Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Waheedi reported that the Islamic Republic of Iran has more new and modern drones. “We have more modern and serious technologies than the drone which was hit by Israeli forces”, said the Minister.

At the same time Israel stated that the Iranian drone was detected by the Israeli air defense systems above the Mediterranean Sea, long before it entered the air space of Israel.