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Monday, October 1, 2012

Head of Syrian Foreign Ministry called on UN for dialogue

Waleed Muallem, Syrian Foreign Minister

Waleed Muallem, the Head of Syrian Foreign Ministry, called on the members of UN on Monday, 1 October, to stop supporting Syrian opposition forces for the successful resolving of the crisis.

During his speech on the  67th session of the UN General Assembly Waleed Muallem stated that the success of any international attempts to resolve the crisis depend not only on the commitments of Syrian authorities, but also on the ones of other countries which support the oppositional forces in Syria as well.

He mentioned in particular such countries as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Libya. Syrian Foreign Minister accused those countries of supporting the “terrorist groups” in Syria, selling them weapons and providing the financial support.

Waleed Muallem invited the opposition to cooperate, work together and negotiate in attempt to find the solution in resolving the Syrian conflict and stop the bloodshed which takes the lives of innocent Syrians.

Syrian Foreign Minister called on all the political groups inside and outside Syria to participate in the constructive political dialogue.

To achieve it Syrian minister urged all the countries to increase the pressure in order to stop the violence in Syria stopping the weapons supply, support and financial assistance of the oppositional armed groups.

The result of the possible negotiations between the Syrian authorities and opposition could be the drafting and developing the “future path” of Syria in attempt to work on building more democratic and pluralistic state.

In addition to that Syrian Foreign Minister Waleed Muallem expressed his support of the special envoy of UN and Arab League in Syrian case Lahdar Brahimi who started carrying out his duties on the 1 September 2012.