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Monday, October 8, 2012

European Parliament observer mission will start its work in Ukraine on 24 October

The special observer mission of European Parliament tasked with the controlling and observing the upcoming parliamentary election in Ukraine will start its work on 24 October 2012, four days before the election.

The representatives of the European Parliament made a statement about it today, on 8 October. In the current time the members of the European Parliament who will be a part of the observer mission are busy with the preparatory work.

It is also expected that the President of the delegation Pavel Koval and its Vice President Michael Gahler will arrive in Ukraine for the meetings with Ukrainian authorities, representatives of different Ukrainian political parties and member of the observer mission of Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

“This formal pre-election visit of the European Parliament’s members was authorized by the Conference of the presidents which took place at the beginning of October, what makes the upcoming parliamentary election and its conducting in Ukraine extremely important for the future relations between Ukraine and European Union”, was said in an official statement.
We would remind here that the parliamentary election is expected to be held in Ukraine on 28 October 2012. Ukrainian Central Election Commission has registered 972 international official observers and observer missions.