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Monday, October 15, 2012

EU ambassadors told about the future of the Agreement about the Association with Ukraine

The European Union Ambassadors noted that the conduction of the fair and transparent parliamentary election in Ukraine is not the only one and main condition for the future signing the Agreement about the Association with EU.

“If to talk generally about the future of the Agreement, the conducting of the fair and transparent election in Ukraine is one of the main and the most important conditions which is very necessary for the future signing of the Agreement about the Association”, - said German Ambassador Christof Weil who participated in the discussion The Main Challenges of European Integration of Ukraine on the eve of the parliamentary election which took place in Institute of International Policy.

German Ambassador also added that the estimation of the election’s process and its result made by the international observers will be very important both for the EU and for Germany as well.

French Ambassador Alain Remy in his turn stressed that the EU representatives have been facing their worries and deep concern regarding the situation in Ukraine, especially the issue of the selective judiciary and the political repressions in the country.

Alain Remy said that European countries are expecting the changes and progress in this field. The fair and transparent elections are very important condition, but not the only one, added the Ambassador. Ukraine needs the reforms in judiciary and the authorities should grant the citizens the freedoms and rights respecting the values of the European community if Ukraine is willing to go on with its way to European integration.

Henryk Litwin, Polish Ambassador, declared that the democratic and fair parliamentary elections are very important for the following dialogue between Ukraine and European Union, but it is not the only one condition and it does not mean that the Agreement will be signed automatically. Ambassador of Poland said that the negotiations over the details of the future Agreement will be continued after the positive evaluation of the election process. He added that there are several conditions and details which are important for the signing of the Agreement about the Association between EU and Ukraine.

“The dialogue and the process of this dialogue regarding the issue of European integration depends on the determination and activity of the Ukrainian side”, Mr. Litwin said.
It’s worth mentioning that the parliamentary elections in Ukraine are expected to be held on 28 October 2012.
The representatives of Ukrainian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs announced today, on 15 October, that nothing and no events could prevent the signing of the Agreement about the Association between EU and Ukraine.