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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EU Ambassador didn’t find the censorship in Ukraine

Jan Tombinski, EU Ambassador in Ukraine
The Head of the EU Representative office in Ukraine Jan Tombinski considers there is no censorship in Ukraine. He made such an announcement today, on 16October, during his press conference in Kyiv.

He also said that he has spent not enough time in Ukraine to make a conclusion that there are absolutely no independent media in Ukraine. But at the current stage there is no censorship in Ukraine and there is freedom of information and expression in the country, stated EU Ambassador.

Jan Tombinski also added that it is possible to tell anything on Youtube or in the social networks but it is not the same as the possibility of the access to the state media and to other sources of the information. But on the other hand Ukrainian media sources do not fulfill one of their main functions – to educate the citizens, thinks Mr. Tombinski.
“Today we can observe the situation when the media focus more on the election campaign and are trying to influence the minds of people in attempt to make them vote for the specific political powers and parties who stand behind those media sources and channels and own them”, said EU Ambassador.