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Monday, October 1, 2012

Egypt’s President’s spokesperson denied Egypt is mulling military intervention in Syria

Yasser Ali, an official spokesperson of Egypt's President
Mohamed Morsy

Yasser Ali, and official spokesperson of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, stated on Sunday, 30 September, that Egypt had not agreed and is not mulling the Qatari proposal of military intervention in Syria.

We would remind here, that earlier on Sunday Seif Abdel-Fattah, one of the aides of Mohamed Morsy, reportedly made and announcement to the Turkish media source, that Egypt was considering a Qatary proposal and plan of military intervention in Syria in attempt to end the 18-months crisis and bloodshed in Syria.

Abdel-Fattah also said that Egypt and Qatar are expected to have the negotiations over the details of the possible military intervention soon and added that Turkey might be also involved in the operation proposed by the Arab countries.

There was also information that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, who is currently in Turkey with an official visit, met the Turkish authorities and has also discussed the Qatari proposal and had tried to drum up support for the Qatari plan of resolving the Syrian conflict.

Yasser Ali stated that Egypt is not considering the proposal of Qatar and Arab countries and Egyptian participation in the intervention in Syria is out of question as Egyptian side strongly opposes the idea of the military intervention and is sure the best way of resolving the deep crisis and conflict in Syria is negotiating and diplomatic measures.

Yasser Ali also added that an official position of Egyptian President could be expressed by President himself only or by his official spokesperson, and all other statements only reflect the personal positions of Egyptian officials.