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Monday, October 15, 2012

Egypt Constituent Assembly says it will release the final draft of the new Constitution within three weeks

Egypt's Constituent Assembly
The final draft of Egypt’s new Constitution is expected to be completed and released within the next three weeks, according to Bassem Al-Zarqa, the representative and member of the Constituent Assembly which is tasked with the writing of the state’s new Constitution.

This draft could be presented to the public debates, stated Constituent Assembly’s member. He also said there is a community dialogue within the Assembly regarding the key issues and the chapters of the future Constitution. This dialogue is called to reach the consensus between different powers represented in the Assembly and to avoid any polarization in the final draft of the future highest state’s document.

According to the statement of Al-Zarqa, the public referendum could be held within two months in Egypt, and it is expected that the majority of the Egyptians would support the draft of the Constitution.

It is worth mentioning also that there are serious fears and concerns within the society and among the politicians and members of different Human Rights organizations regarding the future Constitution as it fails to protect the basic human rights and freedoms. Thus, Human Rights Watch warns that the possible Egyptian Constitution threatens the key rights for freedom of speech and religion, could possibly allow tortures, limits the women’s rights and the rights of different minorities in the country.
In addition to that the strong Islamist domination (for example, conservative and hard-line Salafi) is very obvious in the process of writing the new Constitution. Such a situation considers to be a threat to the development of the free and democratic society in Egypt and doesn’t represent the values and goals of the January 25 Revolution and fails to reflect its aspirations.