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Sunday, September 23, 2012

US Senate adopted the resolution on Ukraine calling to release Julia Tymoshenko

Julia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian
ex-Prime Minister

US Senate has unanimously adopted on Sunday, 23 September, the resolution on Ukraine urging Ukrainian authorities to release imprisoned ex-Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko along with other oppositional leaders. The head of the official defense team of Mrs. Tymoshenko Sergey Vlasenko announced it in his official statement today.

The US Foreign Committee has adopted the project of this resolution before. The text of the resolution was presented by the senator Jim Inhofe, the member of the Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs, together with the senator Dick Durbin. The resolution has been unanimously adopted by the Senate’s Committee for Foreign Affairs.

The US Senate’s resolution calls for the immediate release of Julia Tymoshenko and other imprisoned oppositional leaders.

This resolution condemns the selective and political motivated investigation and trial of Julia Tymoshenko and other leaders of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution. US Senate also calls for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to work together to increase the pressure on the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich to immediately release Mrs. Tymoshenko.

In addition to that the sanctions against Ukrainian authorities and those responsible for the trial and imprisonment of Julia Tymoshenko will be taken by US government. Thus the visa sanctions and restrictions could be imposed on the current Ukrainian leaders and Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, says the text of the US resolution.

This resolution sends the clear message to the Ukrainian authorities: selective and political motivated justice and lack of independent judiciary along with the violations of the human rights have no place among the democratic states.