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Saturday, September 29, 2012

UN Council for Human Rights adopted the resolution on Syria

UN Council for Human Rights
On Friday 28 September 2012 UN Council for Human Rights adopted the resolution on Syrian condemning the actions of Syrian regime with massacring its own people and urging Bashar Al-Assad to stop the bloodshed and killing of Syrians.

The resolution also stated that the mandate of the UN International Mission for investigation of Syrian events will be prolonged till the March 2013.

41 member of the Council voted for the resolution while three members voted against it (China, Russia and Cuba) and three other members refrained.

Russia opposed the resolution on Syria sponsored by the Arab League and urged the other countries to vote against it too.

“Moscow isn’t agree with the conclusions of the mission regarding the massacres in Syrian cities including in the city of Hula and calls to conduct the new investigations of all those tragic vents”, said the statement of the Russian side.

It’s worth mentioning here that Russia together with China used to veto all the previous resolutions and block the decisions taken by UN Security Council during more than a year since the crisis started in Syria.

The Secretary General of the Arab Leage Nabil Al-Araby in his turn commented on those vetoes and described the position of Russia as dual and controversial. It is extremely important on the current stage to take all the active and decisive measures to stop the bloodshed in Syria and to resolve the crisis, but there are no attempts to intervene in Syria and the Libyan scenario which scares Russia so much couldn’t be repeated in Syria, said Al-Araby.