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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ukrainian opposition party: High Administrative Court of Ukraine is willing to destroy thousands of appeals against Yanukovich

Arseny Yatsenyuk, prominent Ukrainian oppositional leader
Ukrainian High Administrative Court is willing to destroy the appeals with thousands of signs of Ukrainian citizens and the lawsuit filed by prominent Ukrainian oppositional figure Arseny Yatsenyuk against current President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, according to the statement of Ukrainian oppositional party Batkivchyna (Homeland).

Oppositional party states that the workers of the Court were instructed to simply destroy the appeals and the lawsuit of Yatsenyuk, but they also stressed that according to Ukrainian law such actions which lead to the damage of the procedural documentation mean the criminal responsibility and are punishable.

The members of the party called to the Court’s workers to avoid the illegal actions limiting and violating public rights and freedoms of thousands of Ukrainian citizens. Oppositional politicians also claim they have the video evidences with the workers of High Administrative Court receiving the boxes with those appeals.

Ukrainian prominent oppositional politician Arseny Yatsenyuk filed on 6 September a lawsuit against President Victor Yanukovich to the High Administrative Court, demanding to investigate the reasons of President’s and his leading party’s illegal actions.

But the Court rejected on Friday, 7 September, is lawsuit of and gave it back to Yatsenyuk along with the appeals with thousands signs of Ukrainians. The reason of it is lack of evidences presented by Yatsenyuk in this case, claims the Court’s representative.