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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ukrainian authorities told what they expect from the new EU Ambassador

Jan Tombinski was appointed as a new Ambassador of European Union in Ukraine.

Jan Tombinski, new Ambassador
of EU in Ukraine
Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Ukrainian authorities expect the active and constructive cooperation between Ukraine and new EU Ambassador, according to Director of Information Department of the Ministry Oleg Voloshin.

Oleg Voloshin said that Ukrainian authorities welcomed this new appointment, and Jan Tombinski has already assumed his responsibilities and started his work after the official ceremony. Ukraine is expecting the active cooperation between Ukraine and this diplomat which would be very useful for the relationships between Ukraine and EU and the path to European integration.

Oleg Voloshin also stressed that Jan Tombinski is very experienced diplomat with the deep knowledge of Ukraine with all its problems and features. He knows the situation in the European region and in Ukraine as well very good, and it would allow him to be very effective in his new post.

Kyiv also waits from the new Ambassador the effective conducting of the mission of promoting and assistance of the process of integration and cooperation between Ukraine and EU. This task is considered being the main responsibility of EU Ambassador in Ukraine and of Ukrainian Ambassador in EU, according to the representatives of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus, Jan Tombinski was appointed today, on 10 August 2012 as a new Ambassador of European Union in Ukraine and officially started today his work. Jan Tombinski was born in Krakow, Poland, on 4 October 1958. He was graduated in the field of philology and is an author of the series of articles and scientific works dedicated to the New History of Poland and Europe. Since February 2007 Jan Tombinski was a Head of the Mission of Poland in EU. In 2001-2007 he was and Ambassador of Poland in France. He is fluent in five foreign languages.