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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mohamed Morsy appointed new Egypt’s governors

Mohamed Morsy, Egyptian President

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy appointed on Tuesday, 4 September, ten new governors of Egypt’s key governorates.

There was expected that this reshuffle will take place over the coming two days, according to the statement of Yasser Ali, official spokesperson of Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s President.

The sources from Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party claimed that Islamists will constitute the majority of the governors’ posts, with about 11 of the new appointees, including those in Cairo, Alexandria, Menoufiya, Kafr El-Sheikh etc.

According to the statement of Ahmed Zaky Abdeen, the Minister of Local Development, nearly 95% of the current governors to be removed and replaced with the new candidacies. There are reports regarding the willingness of Egypt’s governors to work on implementing Mohamed Morsy’s Renaissance Project in the governorates. The governors who have not been enough cooperative in implementing the plan will be replaced in reshuffle, stated FJP’s sources.

Here are some of the newly appointed Egypt’s governors:

Osama Kamal, governor of Cairo.

Mohamed Atta Abbas, governor of Alexandria.

Samir Aglan, governor of Suez.

Major General Sayed Abdel-Fatah Harhour, governor of North Sinai.

Yahia Eissa Farghaly, governor of Minya.

Saad Al-Husseini, governor of Kafr El-Sheikh.

Major General Mohamed Kamel, governor of Red Sea.

Mohamed Ali Beshr, governor of Menoufiya.

Yehia Kishk, governor of Assiut.

Yehia Hussanein Mekheimar, governor of Sohag and others.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy holds the meetings with the Prime Minister Hisham Qandeel to discuss the governors’ nominations. There are still some discussions over some nominees, but there is already obvious that the new governors’ appointments are also marked with the strong Muslim Brotherhood’s domination, what causes the concerns among Egyptian secular and liberal forces. They have fears that Morsy will allow Islamists to dominate all the state’s institutions, and the process is already started. It just looks the same like the hegemony of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, claiming the liberals.