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Monday, September 17, 2012

Israeli PM Netanyahu stresses Iran could create nuclear weapon in six months

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Iran will probably create nuclear weapon in six-seven months, according to the media agency Reuters.

Israeli PM stressed that Iran will get nearly 90% of uranium which is necessary for creating the nuclear bomb till 2013. Thereby Benjamin Netanyahu urged the US President Barack Obama to increase the pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran due to its nuclear program which threatens the stability and security of Israel and the whole Middle Eastern region.

Benjamin Netanyahu said that US should take some decisive actions, press Iran and hold the line immediately before it is not late. “Iran is now standing at the red line. And it is unacceptable to let them cross this line, because the consequences would be very serious and dangerous”, said the Israeli PM. He also claimed that the increasing pressure on Iran from US could prevent the risks of the military strikes against Iranian nuclear objects in the closest future.

Barack Obama’s Administration in its turn doesn’t exclude the possibility of the military scenario regarding the situation with Iran and its nuclear industry, but US consider the diplomatic measures and the new, tougher sanctions against Iran being more effective for regulations of this situation. US aren’t likely to support Israeli attempts to target the Iranian nuclear facilities at this moment.

US Ambassador in the United Nations Organization Susan Rice announced that US is examining all the possible scenarios and ways including the military one regarding the Iranian nuclear program to prevent the Islamic Republic receiving an access to the nuclear weapons.
It is also worth mentioning that Amos Gilad, the official advisor of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, announced earlier that Israel will not target Iranian nuclear objects unilaterally. Iranian authorities in their turn ensure that Iranian nuclear program has only peaceful character.