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Monday, September 17, 2012

IMF will sign a new agreement with Ukraine

Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and National Bank are very likely to start the negotiations with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) over the new financial support program and the possibility to sign the new agreement soon, as the terms of the current program are almost over, thinks economic expert and member of the investment company Troika Dialogue Ukraine Iryna Piontkovska.

The probability of the new aid and new agreement between Ukraine and IMF is very high, according to the experts. After the upcoming parliamentary election Ukraine could probably face the necessity of the new outside investments and financial inflows in 2013.

Regarding the perspectives of the credit and payment balance of Ukraine the experts stress that the issues of the improvement of the financial balance depend more on the developments outside Ukraine and the events on the international financial and political arena. The fact and the way of conducting the election won’t have a big impact on the financial inflows, think the economists.

The amount of the external debts payments won’t probably be critical for Ukraine especially considering the volumes of the current foreign investments in the country. But the possible decrease of the prices for metallurgical production on the international market could have a negative impact on the payment balance, if all other components of it and the course policy of Ukraine won’t change, say Iryna Piontkovska.

Thus Ukraine will probably renew its cooperation with the IMF in 2013. The state’s authorities did not welcome the idea of the IMF aid from the beginning and met the official technical delegation of the IMF relatively cool, but on the current stage the situation changed, and Ukraine will start the talks of the possibilities and the ways of the cooperation with the IMF and the financial support for the country’s economy.