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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Georgia started wide scale NATO-led planned trainings

NATO-led trainings in Georgia

Georgia started today the wide scale NATO-led planned trainings not far from Tbilisi in attempt to react on the catastrophes.

According to the statement of the Georgian Ministry of Interior the massive trainings named “Georgia 2012” will be conducted in cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and in the frameworks of its special program.

More than thousand of the members of the Department for Emergency Management of the Georgian Ministry of Interior and the workers of the relevant bodies and departments of the countries-members of NATO working for the program “Partnership for the peace” are participating in the trainings.

According to the training program scenario the strong underground shaking and the earthquake caused the damages on the outskirts of Tbilisi. There are a lot of casualties and the main infrastructure’s objects are destroyed. In addition to that the scenario also involves the release of the chemical and radioactive materials in the atmosphere will be observed in the area.

The main reason and purpose of the trainings is the improving of the security measures in order to react on the emergency situations and to eliminate the consequences of the natural disasters. The training would also help to improve the coordination between the countries participating in this program. Nearly 60 observers from 13 countries are monitoring the training program, announces the Georgian Ministry of Interior.