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Monday, September 24, 2012

European Union urged Ukraine again to conduct the fair and transparent election and to resolve the problem of the selective justice

Stefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and
European Neighborhood Policy
European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Štefan Füle urged Ukrainian authorities to conduct the transparent and fair parliamentary election and to finally resolve the problem of the selective and politically motivated justice in the country.

According to the official spokesperson of the Commissioner Peter Stano Mr. Füle has been talking about it with the first vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine Valery Horoshkovsky today.

The statement of European Commissioner says that Ukraine should take all the possible and active measures to dispel any concerns of EU regarding the issue of the political motivated trials conducted in Ukraine. This issue considers being one of the parts of the wide judicial reform which is needed urgently in Ukraine, added Mr. Stano.

In addition to that EU and the international community expect the transparent and fair parliamentary election which is expected to take part in Ukraine at the end of October. The election should be prepared and conducted in accordance with the international standards including human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of the media and the free access to all the media resources for the citizens and for the candidates as well.

EU Commissioner Mr. Füle expressed also his disappointment with the signing by Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich the changes in the law for the prosecutor’s office in Ukraine, as those changes haven’t been negotiated with the Venice Commission. Mr. Füle stressed Ukraine lost its possibility to reform the state’s prosecutor’s office in accordance with the international standards.

During his meeting with Mr. Horoshkovsky European Commissioner said also about his concerns regarding the recently proposed law which claims to reestablish the criminal responsibility for the slander as such a law could lead to the violation of the basic human and public rights such as right for freedom of expression and could restrict the freedom of media in Ukraine.

Valery Horoshkovsky, Ukrainian first vice-Prime Minister
Moreover the sides have been exchanging their views and prospective regarding the priority of the reforms and changes needed in Ukraine and talked about the concrete steps which are necessary for the improvement of the business climate in Ukraine. The plans about the strengthening of the state’s control of the financial sector have been also discussed.

“It was a good chance to estimate the state of affairs in the relationships between Ukraine and EU generally and also in some key sectors. I hope that Ukraine will demonstrate its adherence to the European values and reforms what will allow us to continue the cooperation and to sign in the closest future the agreement about the association”, stated Mr. Füle.

The conducting of the transparent and fair parliamentary election, the reforms of the judicial system and the correction of the mistakes of the selective and political motivated judiciary and the general progress are the most important at the current stage, added the EU Commissioner.

It’s also worth mentioning here that US Senate signed on 23 September the resolutions about Ukraine which demands the immediate release of ex-Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko along with other imprisoned oppositional leaders and stressing the sanctions and visa restrictions would be imposed on the Ukrainian authorities. This resolution sent a clear message to the current state’s authorities that Ukraine has to change its policy and to respect the international democratic values and standards if it is willing to continue its European path.