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Friday, September 14, 2012

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy condemned embassy attacks

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy in Brussels
Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy made a statement regarding the latest events in Egypt and Middle East while speaking at the press conference in Brussels, where he is currently with his European visit.

Mohamed Morsy stated that the attacks against the embassies and foreign diplomatic missions are unacceptable; he strongly condemned the violence sparked in Cairo and in Libyan Benghazi and called for the peaceful expression during the protests.

Egyptian President also condemned the scandalous and controversial anti-Islam movie which provoked the anger and caused the wave of the violent protests in Egypt, Libya and in other neighboring countries.

The short movie “Innocence of Muslims” was allegedly produced by some US-based filmmakers and showed Islamic Prophet Mohamed and Muslim people in a very abusive manner and it was really insulting for the religious feelings of Muslim people. Portraying Mohamed or anyone from his family is generally strictly forbidden in Islam.

Mohamed Morsy in his turn stressed that insulting Islam and Prophet is a “red line” and cannot be accepted by Muslims and by Egyptian people. Those responsible for producing this movie must be prosecuted, as it is unacceptable move.

Mohamed Morsy said he has already talked to US President Barack Obama about the necessity to investigate this case and to take all legal measures against those who are trying to damage the relationships with Egypt and USA.

Egypt’s President also offered his condolences on the tragic death of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and of three embassy workers who were killed in an attack against the US Embassy in Benghazi.

Mohamed Morsy also said that Egyptian people have the right to protest and to express their demands peacefully, but that such violent actions should be avoided. Egypt and its Security Forces are able to protect the states and the private property and the embassies and foreign envoys based on its territory. Morsy also warned against the further attacks and violent clashes as they would violate Egyptian and international law and would lead to the deterioration of the diplomatic relations.