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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Egypt’s Presidency: There is no need to amend Camp David peace treaty with Israel

Yasser Ali, official spokesperson of Egyptian

Yasser Ali, an official spokesperson of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, said that there is no need to amend Camp David peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel. His statement came while Mohamed Morsy attended UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

Yasser Ali added that the peace accords with Israel don’t need any changes on the current stage, as Egypt has everything it needs to extend its authority over Sinai peninsula and to restore peace, security and stability in the region. That’s why there are no plans to renegotiate Camp David.

He also said that security operation named “Operation Eagle” conducted in Sinai is ongoing and will continue till the terrorist activity will be eliminated and security will be restored. The additional military troops and weapons along with the tanks were deployed in Sinai, and the operation is carried out in accordance with the terms of Camp David peace treaty and in coordination with the neighboring Israel.

This statement came after Mohamed Essmat Seif El-Dawla, Morsy’s legal adviser, suggested the plan of revisal the peace accords and making some amendments to ensure Egypt more sovereignty .

Yasser Ali said that this statement reflected the personal views of Mr. El-Dawla as a legal adviser but not the official position of Mohamed Morsy, as the decisions taken by Egypt’s President and his official position is expressed either by the President or by his official spokesperson.

It’s worth mentioning here too that Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated on Sunday that Israel will not accept any amendments of the peace treaty with Egypt as this document guarantees the peace and stability in the whole region.