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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Egyptian President Mohamed Mosry urged to not allow military intervention in Syria

Mohamed Morsy, Egyptian President

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy stated during his speech at the UNO Assembly today that Egypt is strongly against the possibility of military intervention in Syria and called for the diplomatic measures of resolving the crisis.

Mr. Morsy announced that Egyptian authorities will take all the possible measures on the regional and international level in attempt to regulate the crisis in Syria and to prevent the catastrophe in the country as the current situation in Syria is a threat to the security and stability of the Middle Eastern countries. But Egypt urges to use only peaceful and diplomatic measures which exclude international military intervention.

“We speak against the possibility of military intervention in resolving of the Syrian crisis”, stressed Egyptian President.

We would remind that earlier the Qatar authorities proposed from the UNO tribunes that the Arabic countries should intervene in the critical situation in Syria, as the UN Security Council wasn’t able to develop the effective plan and position in order to regulate the conflict between Syrian regime and oppositional forces.

France in its turn proposed the idea of creating the so called “safe zones” in the regions controlled by the Syrian opposition.

On Wednesday, 26 September 2012, Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil El-Araby stated that the calls to intervene in the situation in Syria outside UN do not provide the use of military forces to overthrow the Syrian regime. Nabil El-Arabi added that everybody understands that any military conflict in Syria could lead to the terrible consequences with the more victims. In addition to that he expressed his regrets that some resolutions of the Security Council of UN have been signed but not carried out, and some of the resolutions have been constantly blocked by some Security Council’s members, and it prevents the international community from the resolving the Syrian crisis.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon called the Syrian conflict during his speech the regional catastrophe with the global consequences.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy in his turn urged the international community to use all the possible diplomatic measures to resolve the Syrian crisis and stressed again that Egypt is against the military intervention in the region.