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Monday, August 20, 2012

US Barack Obama told about the conditions of the possible military intervention in Syria

Barack Obama, USA President

USA President Barack Obama declared today the conditions of the possible US military intervention in Syria. In his statement made by him today during his press-conference Barack Obama stated that if Syrian authorities will try to use the chemical weapons, it will be the reason for military intervention in Syrian conflict.

US President stressed that at the current stage he didn’t give any orders or instructions regarding the issues, but chemical weapon owned by Al-Asad’s regime causes serious concerns of USA and Israel.

In case it will be obvious that Syrian chemical weapons is moved somewhere or is being used, it will be considered as a serious violation. If this red line will be crossed by Syrian regime, the US authorities will act in a different way, stated Obama.

It’s worth remembering that the claims about the development of chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq were the reason of US military intervention in this country followed by the nine years long war which left tens of thousands people killed and broke the lives of many Iraqis. After American intervention and war no weapon was found in Iraq and the accusations were false.

Destroyed street in Aleppo following clashes between
FSA and Al-Asad's forces
The situation in Syria remains extremely tense nowadays, with ongoing violence which didn’t’ stop even during Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and even Eid Al-Fitr, one of the biggest Islamic holidays, was marked with the violent clashes causing new deaths and injuries. Syrian conflict is considered by UN observers being a civil war, and the fight between regime of Bashar Al-Asad and FSA (Free Syrian Army) is escalating.

The special plans and programs in order to regulate the conflict and stop the violence in the region were designed by UN and Arab League, but all of them were blocked due to Russian and Chinese vetoes. The question of the possible outside military intervention in Syria was discussed often before, but there are the worries that such a turn could provoke more violence and deeper conflict in the region.