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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ukrainian side recognized in European Court violation of human rights in Tymoshenko’s case

Julia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's
ex-Prime Minister

Ukrainian authorities recognized violation of human rights of Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko in European Court for Human Rights, according to the statement of Sergey Vlasenko, the head of Tymoshenko’s defense team.

Nazar Kylchitsky, the authorized representative of Ukrainian government, recognized some of Tymoshenko’s defense team’s appeals and demands and gave the answers on some team’s questions regarding the case. It means that Ukrainian authorities have already recognized the fact of violation of the human rights, and it’s the most important, says Sergey Vlasenko. The grounds and reasons for Tymoshenko’s arrest and her imprisonment have nothing to do with Ukrainian legislation and this case is unique for Ukrainian practice, stated Vlasenko from European Court.

There is still no specific dates regarding the day of declaring the decision of European Court, but another member of Tymoshenko’s defense team Valentina Telichenko stresses this decision will be known in less than two months.