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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ukrainian opposition has the proofs of the falsification of Lutsenko’s sentence

Yury Lutsenko, Ukrainian ex-Interior Minister

Ukrainian oppositional party People’s Self-Defense accuses Anna Medushevska, the judge of Kyiv Pechersk District Court, of the falsification of the documents during the declaring of the trial sentence for ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, according to press-secretary of the party.

The party says, that the main argument of the defense team of Yury Lutsenko during the trial was the fact that the decision about the permission for the listening of the phone talks of Valentin Davidenko, who is the driver of the ex-Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vladimir Satsyuk, was given by the Kyiv Court of Appeal. This decision is not cancelled or protested at the current stage. Moreover this decision has nothing to do with the document signed by ex-Interior Minister Lutsenko.

The Pechersk Court and the judge Medushevska found the solution for this situation and fabricated the documents, stands in the party’s statement. She claims there was the reference to the Lutsenko’s ruling in the text that was presented to the Court of Appeals.

The People’s Self-Defense party shows as the proof the copies of the sentence and of all the documents with the permission for the listening of Davidenko’s phone talks.

Kyiv Pechersk Court sentenced Ukrainian ex-Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko to two years in prison for dereliction of duty by the extension of the terms of spying within the framework of the investigations of the poisoning of Ukrainian ex-President Victor Yushchenko.