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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tymoshenko’s health conditions worsened significantly

Julia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister

Ukrainian ex-Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko refused today the performance of medical procedures at the Kharkiv hospital, because her health conditions significantly worsened, according to Sergey Vlasenko, head of Tymoshenko’s defense team.

Sergey Vlasenko thinks that such a worsening of health conditions of Ukrainian imprisoned politician could happen due to the yesterday’s incident happened during Tymoshenko’s meeting with her daughter, Evgenia Tymoshenko.

Sergey Vlasenko claims that the incident which happened during this meeting was simply unprecedented. The personnel of penitentiary service which is tasked with security of Tymoshenko was around during the whole time of the meeting which lasted almost 3,5 hours. They were trying to prevent the normal communication between accused Julia Tymoshenko and her daughter and member of her defense team Evgenia Tymoshenko. All the basic principles of confidentiality of holding a meeting were violated, stresses Vlasenko. The head of penitentiary service was also present during the meeting and was recording and fixing the meeting. “When you are holding the hard discussion with your opponent, with somebody who doesn’t understand you and even doesn’t want to, and it lasts during more than 3 hours, your health conditions won’t get better”, Vlasenko said. He also added that the pain syndrome in Tymoshenko’s back intensified, and her health worsened.

Tymoshenko’s defender stressed that according to the recommendations of German doctors from the clinic Charité, who treat Tymoshenko, ex-Prime Minister can take a decision herself regarding the continuation of the meeting with her defense team’s members, if there is real necessity for it.

Sergey Vlasenko, head pf Tymoshenko's defense team 
There were no problems in such cases before, continues Vlasenko. But during yesterday’s meeting when Evgenia was discussing with Julia Tymoshenko some thesis and questions for the appeal to European Court for Human Rights, the representatives of penitentiary service started to prevent normal talking and even offered Evgenia to end the communication and to leave, despite the fact that there were all the documents and recommendations from German doctors allowing Tymoshenko the meetings with her defenders.

Tymoshenko’s defense team has already prepared the appeal addressed to District Prosecutor Gennadiy Tyurin and to head of prison where Tymoshenko is held. The Judge will be also informed about this situation in attempt to let the Court know that Tymoshenko’s team didn’t have the possibility to work normal and to prepare for the case hearings due to the actions of penitentiary service. In addition to that Vlasenko stated that German doctors recommended 8 weeks of rest without any stresses for Tymoshenko, but every two weeks the hearings of the case are being held in the court or the provocations like the yesterday’s one are conducted. Head of Julia Tymoshenko’s defense team demanded to respect the rights of Tymoshenko and to allow her defense team to work normally. The appeals are already sent and awaiting the respond.