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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Al-Qaeda members sued British authorities

European Court for Human Rights

Two convicted terrorists, members of Al-Qaeda, sued British authorities and filed a lawsuit to the European Court for Human Rights on 25 August 2012, according to Daily Telegraph.

The both terrorists are the citizens of Great Britain and are currently imprisoned for their terrorist activity. They received life terms in prison after their trials.

The both prisoners stress that they were tortured by Pakistani Intelligence, while British Security Service MI5 knew about such methods of their Pakistani colleagues.

Those two members of Al-Qaeda, Salahaddin Amin and Rangzeeb Ahmed, have already filed the similar lawsuits to the British courts, but their requests and appeals were always refused. However, the European Court for Human Rights claimed their lawsuits for consideration. It means, that now the British authorities have to explain the European Court all the information regarding the alleged involvement of MI5 in the tortures of Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Salahaddin Amin was accused of the preparation and conducting of the explosion at the British Trade Center and was convicted in 2007. Rangzeeb Ahmed was considered being one of the coordinators of terrorists who were operating on the territory on Great Britain. He was convicted in 2008. According to the statements of Ahmed’s defense team, the officials of British MI5 allowed him to leave Great Britain and come to Pakistan, and later they informed Pakistani Intelligence about his whereabouts, whereupon he was arrested and allegedly tortured.

Both the terrorists were convicted in Great Britain and received life terms in prison.
It’s worth mentioning that some British lawyers and representatives of Judiciary were outraged by such an involvement of European Court for Human Rights in the interior affairs of Great Britain and the possibility of some doubts regarding the decisions and verdicts of British Judiciary.