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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The development of Sinai region to receive budget priority

The Sinai Peninsula

Egypt’s new Finance Minister Momtaz Al-Saeed announced recently that the state budget for the coming year gives the priority to the broad national project of Sinai development. Egyptian government will start the development project in the region in the coming weeks, in collaboration and cooperation with the Sinai Development Authority. L.E. 10 million were already allocated to the national project, the additional investments are also planned.

The national development project in Sinai should involve the improvement of all socio-economic issues and provide the new jobs for the local people. This project requires the cooperation between Egypt’s government and Sinai inhabitants, including the local Bedouins, who were neglected by the previous governments for the long time. The Bedouins should enjoy all the rights of Egyptian citizens.

Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum Osama Kamal also stated that his ministry will increase its activity in Sinai in the framework of the national project. The mineral resources companies have already planned the mining operations and industry in the region and will provide the local people with the new jobs opportunities, helping the country to fight the problem of unemployment. Sinai Company for Natural Gas in its turn will improve natural gas delivery in the region.

Momtaz Al-Saeed, Egypt's Finance Minister
It is worth mentioning that the statement about implementation of the Sinai development project came a week after the deadly attack on the border and the following clashes between security and militants in Sinai Peninsula. The massive military operation is continuing in the region in attempt to eliminate the terrorists and their activity. But one of the best ways to improve the situation and restore the stability in Sinai is also the development of the region with providing of development and reconstruction projects which will meet the social and economic needs of Sinai people. So the cooperation of all the country’s bodies and agencies and the local people is very important at the current stage.