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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rocket shrapnel was found on the Egyptian-Israeli border

Israeli checkpoint at the Egyptian-Israeli border

According to the statement of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) the remnants of the rocket were found today on the Egyptian-Israeli border, close to Eilat. The incident happened two days after there were two explosions shocking the area in a suspected cross-border shooting.

Israeli military spokesperson said the remains of the rocket were found in the hills near the city of Eilat, which is close to Egyptian and Jordanian border. The place where the shrapnel was found is closer to the Egyptian frontier, claims the Israeli source.

The shrapnel could be the remains of the shooting and the explosions on the border which happened this Wednesday, on 15 August. No casualties were reported. The last in the area attack took place of 16 June, also without any casualties. Eight Israelis were killed in an a roadside ambush close to Eilat last year, when the militants infiltrated Egyptian Sinai Peninsula through the underground tunnels and conducted an attack on the border. Five Egyptian soldiers were killed in a cross-shooting. This situation provoked the wave of anger and protests in Egypt with storming the Israeli embassy and demanding to break the diplomatic relationships with the Jewish state. It was one of the deepest crises in Egyptian-Israeli relationships since the fall of Hosni Mubarak, who was long time Israeli ally.

The situation on the territory of Egyptian Sinai worsened significantly after ouster of Hosni Mubarak and following security vacuum in the region, which allowed the numerous militants and terrorist groups to emerge in Sinai and organize the terrorist network. Egyptian military launched a crackdown against suspected Islamist militants who apparently organized the deadly attack on the Egyptian border checkpoint on 5 August leaving 16 Egyptian soldiers dead. There was a series of clashes at the border checkpoints and police stations in Northern Sinai, and the massive military operation will continue in the area until the situation will be stable and the security will be restored in Sinai. This is one of the biggest military operations conducted by Egyptian armed forces last time.