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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nearly 9 thousand refugees at the Syrian-Turkish border

Syrian-Turkish border

Nearly 9 thousand Syrian refugees gathered on the border crossings between Syria and Turkey. They are willing to leave the Northern regions of Syria, where the fights between Syrian FSA (Free Syrian Army) and the Assad’s forces continue.

Turkish authorities stress that the border crossings are open for the refugees, but it is necessary to identify all the people willing to cross the border, that’s why the huge queues formed on the checkpoints.

There are already around 80 thousand Syrian refugees situated in the special temporally refugees’ camps on the Turkish territory. Turkey also called on UN to establish the so called buffer zones under the control of UNO (United Nations Organization) on the territory of Syria to have the chance to situate the refuges there due to the difficulties of the current situation.

The bloody crackdown of the rebels’ forces is ongoing in Syria, with the heavy fights between FSA and pro-Assad’s forces. According to some activists the death toll in Damascus and its neighborhood is at least 30 people, the majority of whom are the civilians. The fire is continuing in the Syrian capital and other Syrian cities, killing hundreds of people every day.

There were also reports that the rebels’ forces shot down the authorities’ helicopter in Damascus today.

Just the days before the reports about the massacres of the Syrian civilians appeared in the media. According to the information of activists and Human Rights organizations nearly 330 dead bodies were discovered recently in the neighborhood of Syrian capital Damascus. The rebels claim it is about the special governmental operation which targeted the opposition’s forces in the city of Daraya.

UN stated before that the numbers of Syrian refugees are already more than 200 thousand. According to the specialists those numbers significantly exceed the forecasts for the end of this year. Only during the last week nearly 30 thousand of Syrians left their country. UN reports also that around 1,5 million Syrian citizens also moved from the more dangerous regions of the country to the more calm ones.

Turkey receives the major numbers of all the Syrian refugees, and it’s almost a third part of all the refugees’ numbers. Tens of thousands people are fled to Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan. Egypt also receives Syrian refugees.
Syrian rebels's fighters

The UN used to report the numbers of those killed during the bloody military conflict in Syria, but on the current stage there are no accurate numbers anymore as it is extremely hard to work in Syria. It’s worth reminding that there is no official international media coverage in the country, and a lot of materials received by the media companies and channels were sent by the civilians and non-professional reporters, the videos are often made with the help of mobile phones.

According to the information of the Humans Rights organization “Syrian Humans Rights Observatory” at least 19 thousand people were killed during the military conflict in Syria, which lasts more than one and half year.

The International Committee of Red Cross stated that the conflict in Syria is qualified as the civil war. Bashar Al-Assad himself also stated that there is a full-scale war ongoing in the country.

The international community is trying to regulate the conflict in Syria with the help of diplomacy, but the negotiations were halted, and all the UN resolutions couldn’t work due to the systematic vetoes of Russia and China. After UN Special Envoy Kofi Anan left his post, there were the forecasts that the events in Syria will move according to the power scenario.